Rachel’s Eulogy

I knew I wanted to say a few words today about my mom, but as I sat down to the computer I was suddenly at a loss. I was trying to pinpoint specific moments that I shared with her that were special to me, but then I realized I couldn’t because every moment I shared with my mom was special in its own way.

Everyone has a different relationship with their mom, but I have been blessed enough to be able to call my mom my very best friend. She’s the person I could call at three in the morning just because I was stressing out about a final. The person that would drop anything at a moments notice just to make sure I was happy. I’ll always cherish the hours that I spent snuggling with her in bed after a bad day at school.

Every phone call and text message from my mom ended with I love you, and every goodbye was filled with kisses. But only in even numbers, because she decided odd numbers were bad luck. When I was little I just thought it was a superstition, but as I grew older I realized it was because she always wanted more than one. Although I feel unlucky right now, I know I am lucky to have spent the last nineteen years with a mother who taught me what it means to be loved unconditionally.

The magnitude of the love I have for my mother is indescribable, and I cannot put it into words.

When I remember my mom, I will remember her laughter. My mother had the most infectious laugh. It was often common to be in a restaurant and have someone come up to the table and say, “Judy I knew you were here. I heard your laughter from across the room.”

My mother marched to the beat of her own drum, and she was never the one to follow the crowd. She was a leader, and she always did what she thought was right. She was always there for others, even if it meant sacrificing some of her own happiness. She taught me what it really means to be a compassionate individual and, most of all, how to be absolutely selfless. She taught me that happiness comes from family and friends.

After this past Thanksgiving break, I got back to my apartment and immediately received a text from my mom that read, “I am proud of the adult you have become. You are an intelligent and caring individual. You make very good decisions and are fully capable in everything you do.”

I am able to be that adult because of the amazing women that raised me. She’s always been my role model, and now she’ll always be my angel.