Judy’s Story

Judy’s Early Life

Born on December 24, 1963 in Syracuse, New York, Judy was the daughter of Eric and the late Bernice Leighton. Shortly after her birth, the family moved to the Albany area where Judy’s father continued his work for the New York Public Service Commission. They settled in Delmar, New York, where Judy and her sister Ruth attended Bethlehem Public Schools. As she got older, Judy always looked for ways to keep busy after school working with the public or for a local pediatrician.

After graduating from Bethlehem Senior High School in 1982, Judy chose to continue her education at Ithaca College. Starting off as an Anthropology major, Judy changed to Economics/Business with a minor in Anthropology during her sophomore year. It was during this time that she met Dan Greenwald. They dated throughout college and, in the latter part of their senior year, Dan proposed and Judy said yes.

Starting Out

Graduation resulted in a period of separation for the couple, as Judy began her career working as a management trainee for Norstar Bank. As luck would have it, Dan’s work brought him to the area frequently so, although apart, they were able to spend a reasonable amount of time together.

On October 24, 1987, Dan and Judy were married at Temple Israel in Albany, New York. After their honeymoon in Aruba, they moved to Hagerstown where Judy worked as a Credit Analyst for Farmers & Merchants Bank (now Susquehanna). A few years later, she was presented with an opportunity to advance her career as a commercial lender for First National Bank of Maryland.

In 1990, Judy and Dan built a house in the Potomac Heights section of Hagerstown, where Dan still resides.

New Arrival

On February 8, 1994, Dan and Judy were blessed with a daughter, Rachel Hannah Greenwald. With Rachel’s birth came some juggling in daily responsibilities, but this did not stop Judy from continuing to pursue her career. She always managed to work, share responsibility of caring for Rachel, and run the household.

Career Success and Community Service

In 1995, Judy was offered an exceptional opportunity at Hagerstown Trust Bank (HTC). It was through this new position that Judy began to stand out as an exceptional community leader. Taking on the role of lender, she developed a lending program to assist new physicians moving into the area and soon became the doctor’s banker.

Judy was promoted to Senior Vice President of Commercial Banking for Hagerstown Trust in 2010 and was responsible for managing the commercial business portfolio of the bank. She became known throughout the community as a trusted businessperson, advisor, and community leader. Her work as a fundraiser for community projects such as San Mar Children’s Home and the Washington County Hospital reinforced what most people already knew – Judy was all about her community.

Judy enthusiastically joined the board of San Mar Children’s Home, where she worked diligently to secure funding to build an additional bedding unit for the young women served by the organization. She then joined the board of the YMCA, where she served for many years. Judy also served as the Washington Representative to the Tri-County Council for several years, assisting small business with loans to support growth and start up. Throughout her life in Hagerstown, Judy was active in the Congregation B’nai Abraham Synagogue as a Hebrew teacher and volunteer for many activities.

Family First

On the family side, Judy and Dan continued to enjoy their life together and watched their daughter grow up in the community. During Rachel’s time in public school, teachers and administrators could always count on Judy to volunteer for whatever projects needed parental assistance. This strong belief in volunteerism trickled down to Rachel and Judy was Rachel’s ultimate role model.

When the Baltimore Ravens moved to the area, Dan and Judy were always at the game, cheering on their team and enjoying the company of other Ravens fans. Judy was one of their most devoted fans, and if she could not attend the game, she would watch it wherever she was.

In 2012, Rachel was accepted to the University of Maryland and began a new stage in her life. With that, Dan and Judy also began a new chapter of their life together. They enjoyed watching Rachel excel in college and taking weekend getaways to embrace their time together, making the most of every moment. Judy continued her passion of swimming and also began to play tennis.

Judy’s Legacy

Sadly, on December 8, 2013, Judy’s life came to a tragic end when she was struck by a car during her evening walk through their neighborhood. The shockwaves throughout the community were felt far and wide for the loss of a woman who embraced Hagerstown. Judy had made a name for herself and, in turn, the community appreciated and respected her. She will always be remembered for her work ethic, friendship to all, and of course, the most infectious laugh anyone ever heard. She will always be loved and missed.

Dan and Rachel established The Judy Greenwald Fund to continue the work Judy started.